How To Hit Fairway Bunker Shots Easy

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alright guys so the fairway bunker so I

got a target where the green right now

is about 163 away and I've got my 8-iron

so the one thing I hear a ton about is

or from people is that you need to Club

up so maybe I should be hitting a 7-iron

instead of an 8-iron but I'm actually

gonna take the same Club I'd normally

well and we'll also women do and the

reason why for that is because I'm still

gonna take a good solid swing and I'm

not gonna try to ease up when I do

something that I don't normally do so if

I take like a 7-iron and I'd cut up

maybe D I might be self through it and

chunk it or I might swing over swing it

and now I'm over the green so that's

kind of the reason why I'm gonna take

the same Club I normally would and now

that's gonna get to this stance I'm

actually when I set up - I'm not gonna