The Easiest Way to Fade The Golf Ball

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today we're talking about shot shaping

and we're going to show you how to play

a fade welcome to a three-hole golf club

i'm andy Patman and i'm piers ward and

you're watching me and my golf TV so

last week we showed you how to draw the

golf ball today we're going to show you

how to play a fade now a fade is a ball

that starts left of target spins to the

right to finish on the target for a

right-handed golfer now a lot of people

pearce don't struggle with creating this

sides we see this show all the time

probably a little bit too much for a lot

of you out there that slice that we get

but it's important to know that if

you're faced with a particular hole

where you need to fade it you've got it

in your in your sort of your bag to do

it yeah so we're going to show you again

it's very simple way to change your