How To Hit Drop Shots | Tennis Technique

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In today's video, I'm going to teach you how to hit a drop shot.

The forehand and backhand drop-shot is in the same family of shots as your

forehand and backhand chip return, as your forehand and backhand volley and

also your forehand and backhand slice. So if you're good at any of those shots for

example if you have a good backhand slice there's no reason why you

shouldn't have a good backhand drop-shot. So to be able to utilize the drop shot

in match situations, you must learn the fundamentals of a drop shot and let's start

off with the drop shot grip. It's going to be the same as your chip return, your

slice and your volleys. It's gonna be a continental grip with your base knuckle

at bevel number two. And there's going to be a slight take back on the drop shot.

This will depend on the pace of the incoming ball but generally speaking you

want your racket head above your grip and you want the tip of the racket to be

slightly behind your shoulder this is for the forehand drop-shot and the

backhand drop-shot. The swing path on the drop shot is crucial and it must be

performed high to low. So the tip of your racquet is gonna be above your shoulder

and you're gonna make contact somewhere between your chest and your hip area and

then once you make contact with the ball you're gonna continue to go down with

the tip of the racket like this. So the swing path has to be high to low. This is

the case for the forehand and backhand. It has to be high to low and the racket

has to continue to go down after contact is made.

Now to be able to create backspin on the ball meaning that once the ball lands on