What's The Best Way to Lower Driver Spin?

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that's a fantastic question I'll get

asked all the time how can I lower my

spin rate that way I can hit longer

drive so I need a new driver am i

hitting down on it what should I do to

actually lower the spin rate and

increase the distance to start this off

let me hit a couple shots I'm gonna hit

one with a really high spin rate and I'm

gonna hit one with a really low spin

order or attempt at one for the hospital

right in a low spin right and I'm also

gonna spray this club with a little bit

of this this is called dr. Scholl's oder

X foot spray powder and it just makes a

little white film on the club so we can

tell where we hit it on the club face so

let me go ahead and I'm gonna try it on

this first one to use my flight scope x3

here to measure the spin and the

distance now I'm gonna try to swing the