Top Golf Tips for Hitting Your Driver Solid Every Time!

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in this video I'm gonna show you how to hit your driver dead solid perfect every

single time let's go okay so in this video you're

gonna need I've got some foot spray white stuff I've got some these these

guys you could stick these on your club face or you could just mark your ball

with like a colored marker and then it'll leave a mark when you hit so get

something like that this isn't a video of how to find out where you're hitting

the ball on the driver this is a video on how to correct the miss hits and how

to get it back in the center of the face where it needs to be okay so we're gonna

fix your issues I'm gonna show you if you're if you got this problem here's

the fix you're hitting it too low here's what you do fix it creating too far to

the heel too far to the toe we're gonna correct everything we can as much as we

can today in this video so if you haven't subscribed to the channel please

do that and hit the bell notifications so you don't miss anything if you like

any of the gear you see there are links in the description below for everything

let's get to it

okay first order of business we just have to do something so that we can find

out where we're striking the ball on the club face so here's what I struck that

last one you want it ideally you want to go a little above center and slightly to

the toe I mean just just Center Center is perfect but if you can go to slightly

above center and just a touch right a center would be perfect um that's pretty

good it might be a little too high in the club face but not bad I'm gonna put