How to Always Find the Sweet Spot on Your Driver | Golf Tips

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my name is Ted fort I'm the pga teaching

professional marietta golf center in

Marietta Georgia I want to talk to you

today about the driver many people come

to me asking me questions about the

driver I want to talk to you first about

catching the sweet spot and then

secondly I want to speak to you about

how to control the ball flight first of

all one of the things that people always

ask me about is why do I hover the golf

club well one good reason is that Jack

Nicklaus used to do it so it's probably

a good reason for me but when you place

the driver in the air like this and you

place a sweet spot right beside the golf

ball that's where you're going to return

and touch it if you were to let the club

rest on the ground that's going to fall

towards you this looks like a toe

alignment there are a few people out on