(Best Long Drive Golf Lesson Ever) Hit Your Driver 400 yards

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hmm 376 meters which is over 400 yards

wouldn't you like to hit that drive a

longer to make this hole a little bit

easier I'm gonna show you how sandy

Jamison here

everywhere I look on YouTube any

instruction magazines everyone's

promising to get you heated 300 yards of

ice well guess what today I thought why

it's not good enough so I'm gonna teach

you how to get your driver 400 yards

that's it 400 yards with your driver

already know I can do that easily now

there's a couple of keys and a secret

first key will get the boring stuff over

and done with first well with the driver

we tee the ball up nice and high

I recommend but this hitting at 400

meter drive 11.5 I've got this Callaway

RAZR Fit extremely 11.5 lot lots a loft

helps you get it further keeps feeding