Sean Foley Hitting A Draw Consistently

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okay revolution golfers I'm here to show

you how to hit a draw more consistently

and this is probably a dream come true

for you too here be that you don't have

to change completely how you swing the

golf club to make the ball curve more

from right to left so ideally how we're

gonna do this is we're gonna look at the

difference and the changes we can make

the ball position and stance line to

change the reaction of the club and the

ball of impact to make the ball start

right tilt left on the axis and curve

back to the left so if you're looking at

me right now I'm set up for a dead

straight shot so you can see the ball

position is basically under my logo now

to draw the ball I'm going to move the

ball back in my stance and this does

three things to help me draw the ball

because one understand when the ball is