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Martin hall joined by Blair O'Neill and

gosh it's been a great year for us if

you haven't done yes it has so much fun

this year we had some great experiences

at TPC Sawgrass not the rocket mortgage

classic so many to list we had a great

year didn't we yeah I got to go to st.

Andrews Scotland the old yes he did I'm

jealous about that talk about my

personal take away from 2019 the thing

that I finally crystallized in this

sometimes a muggy head up here something

that probably I wish I'd learned a long

time ago I've had influences but but

really the the genesis of this for me

this year was I spent a lot of time with

Corey Webb in the spring I mean former

world number one still a great player I

mean we she know she's not playing that

much anymore but what a brain to to

listen to and talk on the game of golf