Tour Striker - Hitting Draws Lefty To Understand Path And Face - Martin Chuck

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so to get a ball that draws left-handed

what do what to anywhere do I need a

face to be aiming left to the left and

where do I need the path to be going

where there's further left so let me let

me attempt a few of these and see how we

do know a little bit of a mess

numbers come up coach uh-huh yeah

three six left okay face was three left

dealer yeah must've been

good slap shot for you right pretty much

so I have a hockey player and I play

left-handed six point eight left so

looks something like this no numbers on

that one color numbers on that one good

smash factor but yeah let's see if I can

get on the other way now for me to hit a

draw left-handed I know I have to do a

couple of things that get others a

reasonably solid shot so you probably

think they spent a lot of time doing