HOW TO HIT A CURVEBALL! - Baseball Hitting Tips

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hey guys what's going on coach Justin

here from ultimate baseball training and

in today's video I'm gonna teach you how

to hit a curveball now I got to be

honest when I first started seeing curve

balls I struggle with it I had no idea

how to hit them so I would be up in the

batter's box and I would be sitting

fastball and if a fastball came then I

would absolutely destroy it but anything

that spun I was an outright I'd either

swing and miss or I would just take it

because I was completely fooled and I

had no idea how to hit it I knew I

wasn't gonna hit it right and so today

in this video I'm gonna share with you

the keys on how to hit a curveball and

I'm even going to show you a great drill

that's gonna help you master hitting a


very quickly so let's jump right into it