How to curve the ball | Learn bending free kick

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So you want to learn how to curve the ball well in this episode

I'm gonna give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to hit those bending free kicks

Generally speaking hurling the ball with the inside of your foot is one of the most common and popular

Shooting techniques in football as compared to other techniques like knuckle balls

It's relatively easy to learn and very consistent in game situations

But don't get it twisted it takes a lot of practice so if you're expecting to me recklessly learn this technique

Overnight without putting in thousands of hours of hard work

This is not the video for you

But for those of you out there

Prepared to put in the work stick around and let's start from the beginning

And you want to start with a proper run-up to the ball

Which means having a beautiful angle to the ball imagine that the camera is the goal? I would probably approach the ball

From an angle someone like this people who tend to go for more straight run-up

Usually go for a knuckleball or just a pure power strike, but that's not what we're working with today also

I've seen tons and tons of tutorials where people give you exact steps take five big steps back

To to the side, and you're good to go


It doesn't matter how many

Steps you take back once you get into the technique a little bit more you will find out the distance and the exact angle

That works out for you because the only thing that really matters here is that you have an angle to the ball this will help

You shooting the ball in the right way that will put some curve