How to hit the ball harder - Correct your swing

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hi and welcome to Coach Creek I'm Zenon

I'm Byron and today we're going to be

doing a continuation on the basic skill

sets so as you said earlier today the

focus is going to be on the swing

Zenon will be demonstrating and I'll be

focusing on the key aspects of the swing

we're going to be enough set up and

ready to go from young for the stroke we

will not be moving our feet the focus is

just going to be on the full swing so as

you can see is then set up in starts

here obviously from UI we're going to

look to get our hands with back as far

as possible to generate a nice big swing

with a focus on the acceleration of the

swing from the top down and threw the

ball at the bottom well this first roll

we're going to be focusing on a golf

swing so big swing earth a centrist

demonstrate nice and slowly okay