[PERFECT SWING] How To HIT MORE Consistent Golf Shots!!

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hello there Adam basil jet founder of

scratch Golf Academy today's subject how

to hit more consistent golf shots it's a

really important topic obviously we all

want that can I have an interesting look

here I think it interesting look if your

patterns in your swing aren't fairly

sound and if your swing isn't reasonably

simple it is gonna be difficult to

repeat when it's difficult to repeat

when it requires a lot of timing not

gonna likely hit very consistent golf

shot so we're gonna have a look at that

subject going to show you some different

swings how to look at them gonna show

you how to get coaching what to look for

in your coach because without a little

bit of coaching and feedback you're

probably not going to get a great swing

give you a big red flag towards the end

of the video as well something you don't