Tennis Forehand Lesson - How To Hit Clean Forehands

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everyone someone here from top to this

training and in this video I want to

help you to find a perfect contact point

on your forehand now very common errors

players making contact late they're

hitting the ball on side of their body

so from the side view they're hitting

the ball back here

now this will cause many errors because

of the timing you're making contact over

here the other big issue is this is

going to lead to a lot of stress on your

wrist your elbow and your shoulder so if

you're constantly making contact over

here on side of you or behind your

body's line that's going to be a lot of

stress on the wrist the elbow and the

shoulder so you want to avoid that by

making contact out in front

now not only is this bad for your body

in terms of the pressure but there isn't