How to Use a Golf Chipper - Thomas Golf

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how should i use a thomas golf chipper

now atomic golf chipper is best utilized

just around the green to get the ball

lifted slightly off the ground get it

onto the putting surface and rolling out

towards your intended target a gold

chipper is also used by players who

aren't very confident with using a sand

wedge or a lower lofted Club as well to

actually get the ball towards a target

it's a great little tool because the

wide sole design and the patented

alignment technology on the top of the

club help align the ball to the target

help align the club to the target but

can also cut through a variety of grass

surfaces from thick rough to light rough

to also gliding across a nice mone

fairway as well now to use a chippy you

can utilize a couple of different

methods first of all you can use your