How To Hit A Box On A Snowboard For Beginners #Snowboarding #howto #colorado #vail #skiing

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hi i'm jonathan else and today i'm

going to teach you how to hit a box when

you finally make the decision that you

want to enter into the park the best

place to start is boxes like every

feature boxes do progress into

difficulty there are super beginner

boxes right behind this is a pretty

intermediate box but if you are beginner

you can learn how to hit on a box like

this one with your approach with the box

you're actually going to write directly

at it you're not coming from the sides

unless you're doing a good board slide

you're gonna come right at the box most

boxes have a little gap between the

take-off and the and the actual box and

that's something not to be afraid of

several them you do have to jump onto

the box but the majority of them you can