BICYCLE KICK TUTORIAL | Master these football skills

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hello unisport famine and welcome back

to another seven MLC shooting tutorial

and today we're going to be working on

one of the most difficult techniques in

football the bicycle kick so when a

bicycle kick is scored it's usually one

of the most amazing sights in football

and because of the complexity of the

technique if it does hit the back of the

net it's usually shown all over the

world and the circumstance where a

bicycle kick might occur is when a

player's running into the box

anticipating a cross and the ball

actually ends up going high and behind

the player so they have to turn round

with their back to go and it's too high

for them to head or too high for them to

take down on their chest and volley so

they have to hit it first time out of

the air so they drive up into the air