Hit Consistent Two-Handed Backhands

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okay we're going to talk about

two-handed backends we'll do a video on

100 backends I know that's a big thing

right now more Inc has got such a pretty

back-end and federal is playing well

it's Wimbledon time right now I think

that finals tomorrow anyway but we're

going to talk about two hands that's

what I hit that's kind of what I coach

most of my kids to do so just like all

the videos we're gonna start off with

stuff with a grip okay so just like

before we're going to count the panel's

we're going to go one two three and with

a workers way around we're going to go a

continental grip which is the grip that

most people don't like most people love

the eastern grip but Cornetto grip gives

people nightmares but anyway that's the

group we're going to use so my right

knuckle is going to go on the second