Improve Your POWER In 4 Easy Steps | Baseball Hitting Tips

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hey it's coach Justin from ultimate

baseball training and today we're going

to be going over four simple ways to

improve your power at the plate because

every single hitter out there wants to

have more power to hit the ball harder

and further crush more doubles and

triples and home runs and all that so I

wanted to share with you four simple

things that are very very simple to

implement they're gonna take practice

but they're simple to implement and

they'll make a world of a difference

with your power so let's get into it the

first thing that's super simple but it's

not talked about a whole lot in baseball

it's talked about in other sports but

not so much in baseball is exhaling as

you make contact okay so what I mean is

trying to sync up your breathing to when

you actually hit the baseball and you