How to Play Baseball

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the goal of baseball is to score more

runs than the other team the team that

scores the most runs by the end of the

game wins to score a run first try to

hit the ball with a baseball bat when

the pitcher throws it to you if you miss

the ball you get a strike and once you

get three strikes you're out when you

hit the ball run counterclockwise around

the three bases and back to the home

plate you started at if you make it back

without getting out you score a run for

your team if you can't make it all the

way back you can stop at 1st 2nd or 3rd

base and wait for the next player on

your team to bet then if they hit the

ball you can continue running along the

bases toward the home plate keep in mind

that the other team will be trying to

get you out while you're running the

bases there are three ways they can do