These Things Make ANY Hitter Unstoppable | Baseball Hitting Tips

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hey it's coach Justin from ultimate

baseball training welcome back to

another video and today we're talking

hitting look every baseball player out

there wants to be a great hitter every

hitter wants to improve their hitting

and constantly get better but what does

that actually mean what traits do great

hitters actually have in common what

makes them unstoppable today I'm going

to share with you a few things that if

you practice will make you an

unstoppable hitter as well without

further ado let's jump into it alright

so the first thing when it comes to

becoming unstoppable as a hitter

don't miss mistake pitches alright and

here's what I mean by a mistake pitch

all pitchers throw mistake pitches by

the way and a mistake pitch is simply a

pitch that you know they don't locate