How to HIT A BASEBALL (Step-By-Step!)

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hey it's coach Justin from ultimate

baseball training and with baseball

season finally here I thought it was

very important for us to go back to the

basics the fundamentals of how to hit a

baseball step by step and so that's

exactly what we're gonna be talking

about in today's video I think sometimes

it's easy to get bogged down with really

advanced topics and the reality of the

matter is baseball is a simple game I

believe we need to keep it that way and

the best players on the planet they're

great because they've mastered the

fundamentals and so this video is all

about the fundamentals but trust me I

really think no matter what level of

baseball player you are I think you're

gonna get a lot of value out of today's

video so without further ado let's jump

in and talk about how to hit a baseball