Freddie Freeman gives in-depth tutorial on how to hit off a tee

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here we are with one of if not the best

hitter in the National League you may

think that's too strong for you but if

you would have not gotten hurt I'm

calling you for an MVP so I think you're

almost feared hitters in the game and I

want to talk about a really cool moment

via Park California and her dad Fred

Freeman after work yeah we'd come over

to the baseball field and what did you

have ready I would have the field set up

ready to go so in high school you would

have six periods and my sixth period

would be baseball so we do that was a

class you know if you have PE or you did

sport that's what it did so when we

would finish baseball practice everybody

would leave and I would actually stay

and I would set the whole field up we

had a key to the field because I was

always there so I would be sitting there