Coaching Beginner Baseball | Basic Hitting 4 Easy Steps (Pro Speed Baseball)

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what's going on guys and welcome back to

pro speed baseball I'm very excited for

today's video we have one of our pro

speed baseball students here Garrett

who's going to help us learn the basics

of the swing in four simple steps let's

go ahead and get started

alright guys first and foremost the best

coaching needs to be done right when

these when these guys get started

hitting I got Garrett when he was seven

years old and I already had a ton of

poison in terms of what we call here

poison at pro speed baseball is bad

coaching you know he was told some

things and he had a lot of issues so

what we're gonna do is if you are

getting started with hitting or even if

you've already started for a little bit

this is going to be a perfect video

because you're gonna see four basic