Left Handed Golf Tip | Left Handed Golf Swing Tips |Why Most Left Handed Golfers Slice

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I'm Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.

And today I'm going to talk about why most left handers slice the golf ball.

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So why do most left handed golfers seem to slice the ball.


I've got a theory.

Particularly in Australia where we play a lot of cricket.

And I am a right handed person.

I am very right handed.

Yet when I play cricket.

I play cricket left handed.

Now you are batting correctly when you play cricket and you are batting left handed and

if you are batting correctly you are going to have your right hand in control.

So your right hand is the strong one.

So when I played cricket and I didn't play cricket at a very high level it was mostly

school boy cricket.

I was really weak hitting it over to the right or the on side.

I was pretty strong on the off side.

And that's because my right hand was always dominating.