Youth Baseball Responsibilities: Right Field

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let's talk a little bit about the right

builder so the right fielders cover area

is approximately this but the right

fielder also has several other

responsibilities first and foremost is

to get to the ball secondly is to make

sure that they backup so a hit to the

second baseman or the first baseman the

right feel there should be moving in to

back up those balls that are hit to the

second baseman and first baseman just in

case it gets through they can then get

the ball the other thing that's kind of

unique to the right fielder is a hard

ground ball hit or a line drive that

bounces right in front of the right

fielder the right fielder could possibly

if played right get the ball and quickly

throw out the runner who was running to

first base now that's key for the first

baseman to not fall asleep if a ball is