How To: 3 Tips To Throw Faster | Baseball Throwing Tips

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hey guys what's going on coach Justin

here from ultimate baseball training and

in today's video I'm gonna share with

you three tips to help you throw the

baseball faster and the beauty about

what you're about to learn in today's

video is it doesn't matter what position

you play these tips still apply so

whether you're a pitcher a catcher an

infielder and outfielder does not matter

these three tips right here that I'm

about to share with you are gonna take

your velocity to that next level and the

great thing about it is who doesn't want

to throw harder right it impresses more

Scouts and impresses more coaches and

let's say you're the shortstop tough

play right the fast runners darting up

the line doesn't it feel great to really

just show off your arm strength and hose

that guy at first base so without