CRUSH MORE HOME RUNS With These 3 Hitting Tips

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hey guys coach Justin from ultimate

baseball training and in today's video I

wanted to give you some really short

quick actionable hitting tips that you

can take with you right to the field and

if you like this style of video then let

me know and I'll be sure to make more of

them but today we're talking about how

to crush more home runs at the place so

without further ado let's just jump

right into it

alright guys the very first tip that I

have for you when it comes to crushing

more home runs it has nothing to do with

launch angle or advance movement

patterns in fact this tip right here is

often overlooked by a lot of players

right but what do we see by a lot of

players when they get in the box and

they're trying to hit a home run what do

we see we see them start to tense up we