Pool Lesson | How to Shoot Every Ball - Step by Step

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shooting balls is what cool obviously is

all about but it's not as simple as just

going down and pulling the trigger today

I will show you my personal step-by-step

process that you can do on every shot no

matter how easy or difficult it is today

I will show you my 10 steps did I do

before every shot the steps are divided

into three categories

thinking preparing and executing and yes

10 steps seem to be a lot but don't be

afraid your personal skill level and the

difficulty of the shot will change the

time you need to spend for every shot by

quite a lot so you could either spend a

whole minute for a very difficult shot

to go through every step but also just

five seconds on a simplest shot okay I

will do all the 10 steps one time very

slowly and explain everything very

detailed and then we're going to do it