How To Hit A Tennis Backhand | Modern One Handed Backhand in 3 Steps

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Hey guys, Simon here from Top Tennis Training and today's video is all about

the single-handed backhand how to master your single-handed back end with three

steps step number one a good shoulder turn and a good unit turn as early as

possible as soon as you see it's coming to your back end so this means when you

see Wawrinka when you see Federer through this best single hand is in the

world Tommy Robredo these guys as soon as they see it's coming to the back end

they get sideways on so the right shoulder is turning if your right handed

player the left shoulder is turning if you are lefty they're getting sideways

on here and then they start the racket preparation for the first thing they do

when they see the balls coming to the back end they get sideways on they move

to the ball sideways a common mistake is moving to the ball like this then

turning and then trying to hit the ball you're going to be late like that first

thing you do balls come into your back hand get sideways on and move to the

glow of sideways on with a good shoulder turn a good unit time


step number two you've turned your shoulder your sideways on you need to

get the racket head higher than the grip level so in this position you'll see

lenka you'll see Federer you'll see Tommy Robredo you'll see Tommy house all

the best single handers in the world they'll get to this position where the

racket head is much higher than the grip because this will create leverage over

the ball leverage basically means force over the ball