Tennis Backhand Slice Lesson - How To Slice Like Federer in 3 Steps

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hey guys Alex here from top tennis

training and in today's video I'm going

to talk to you about the backhand slice

now many of us struggle with our

backhand slice those players that

perhaps are not confident at hitting

their topspin backhand whether it's a

single handler or two hander they

struggle with the low balls to lift it

up with topspin or they struggle when on

the run and the ball is a little bit out

of their reach for those shots we need

the slice so let's talk about the slice

and exactly how we can make it better


now the main problems I see players

facing when trying to attempt the slice

is the ball either goes too floaty and

long so the ball drifts out of the court

it either goes floaty and sits up for

the player to hit against it either goes