Learn How to Backflip in 5 Minutes | ASAP

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all right what's up everybody this video

is gonna show you how to learn a back

flip in five minutes now you got to

remember to focus some prereqs I would

recommend are the bridge stretch a back

roll and just being in general shape

with that being said let's get started

on learning the back flip in only five

minutes so you starting off you don't

know what to do you and the back flip

you guys are just friends

you know what not even friends you guys

are like frenemies talking behind each

other's back hurting each other

mentally and physically but now I'm

gonna show you guys how to become

friends the first 15 seconds I just want

you to get used to jumping we're gonna

jump okay and I want you to jump with

your arms - so you're gonna jump off

your legs off your toes and power your