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HI everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I want to strip the

golf swing back to his bare essentials what three things could you do right now that

could make a dramatic change to your golf swing

maybe you're finding that maybe you feel like you've lost your golf swing

maybe there's so much advice out there where do you start well this week's very

interesting because my wife after 20 years has decided that she wants to pick

up golf for the first time so we had a very first lesson and what was really

interesting is when we started she can add in a star very well you know just

like most people who would be playing for years she looked very uncoordinated

she had a very wristy swing with her club head waving around almost

impossible to get the consistent striking and a squareness of club face not

only that she was moving a body around left and right all over the place and

the question is how do I get somebody like that playing and swinging

well without cluttering their head full of stuff well in this week's training I

get I'm going to give you the three things that I gave Laura and I know that

know whether you're a beginner go for somebody who's kind of just wants

something simple to improve that swing this week's training will be really

really useful so before we get into it though if you're new to a channel and

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