Why It’s Almost Impossible to Make a 7-10 Split in Bowling | WIRED

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in professional bowling about 60% of the

shots are strikes but what about the

rest of the shots there are over 1000

possible spare configurations and

players convert the hardest less than

one percent of the time so what's the

most difficult spare of all well there

are a lot of notorious spares out there

but today we're gonna be looking at the

most notorious of all the 710 split now

look some of you may have noticed that

this episode breaks with our format a

little bit because unlike previous feats

that we've looked at people have

actually hit 710 splits here's the thing

nobody on earth can hit a 710 split

predictably or reliably and that's

because that split is even harder than

it looks so today we're gonna look at

why converting the 710 split is really

truly almost impossible to find out what