How to Swing Each Golf Club : 6-Iron Golf Swing

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Ok, on this segment we're going to talk about the six iron which is still lofted, it's 32

degrees but you can see on the sand wedge which is 56 degrees the amount of loft is

substantially changing. So the six iron is going to hit the ball farther and you can

also see that the six iron is a taller club, so you need to get further back when you stand

to swing. So the six iron; the typical player will be hitting this club probably like 150

to 180, somewhere in that range depending on when and of course the quality of their

swing and; and their strengths. So, but a lot of times clubs depending on your lie you'll

use different clubs. But generally 150 to 180 and for a lot of recreational players

you'd probably be hitting this club from around 160. So once again to hit a straight ball

in the nice conditions that we have today; I'm going to look at my target and I'm going

to draw a line back from my target, and I want the club face; this to be perpendicular

to that line. So when you get perpendicular to that line then you step in and because

it's a taller club, we're going to be a little further back from it and you just take a nice;

easy, relaxed swing. So if you bring enough club to do the job that you need, you don't

need to muscle it and over power it. And this is how you have a nice easy swing and get

a good result from your shot.