Tour Striker 56 Degree Wedge - Crisp contact, control and spin

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okay here I am at etheral we're talking

about the tour striker 56-degree club

right now how this is going to help you

with a bunch of shots I love this club

because you don't have to make a full

swing to understand its its benefits so

here I am faced on view what I want you

to do before you hit a golf ball is just

to go ahead and take the tour striker

and let's learn how to get that rounded

flange below the leading edge and let's

just gently let it hit the ground now I

could take my right hand off and in

essence this angle is expanding on its

own into that spot and I'm bruising away

the turf right there

okay so it's not about me making the

shaft find the alignment with my left

arm it's a rhythm that I can do with my

left arm only letting that shaft seek an