STOP TOPPING YOUR WOODS - Learn to hit a wood off the ground

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oh dude how embarrassing okay oh geez come on one more


another one how frustrating is the top particularly with your fairway wood and

your hybrid or in this week training we're going to cover exactly how you

start to sort out those fairway woods and hybrids you can stop topping them so

you've experienced that having you the ball flying along the ground it's so

frustrating that's the top shot what's actually happening well in this weeks

training I'm gonna go through exactly what's happening at impact to cause the top

some the most common factors that actually lead to the top shot and I'm gonna

give you three simple exercises that you can use to kind of get rid of it

hopefully for good now before we do that if this is one of your first videos of

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try and help you improve your game you press that little Bell button you'll

receive videos like this in your inbox every week so now what is a top shot in golf well

we've just seen it it's a ball that goes along the ground but what's actually

happening well quite simply the ball is hitting no part of the center of the

club face always hitting right down at the bottom of the golf club so what's

happening is the club is coming into impact here and he's starting to come up

and hit the bottom part of the golf club a the lot is moving away from the golf

ball and we're simply hitting the the leading edge of the the Fairway wood itself

now for those of you who don't have loads of time to practice one of the