How to Hit Pitch Shots From 30 Yards and In | Pitch Tips | Coaching Anna | Golfing World

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golfing worlds Ana Whitely is constantly

picking up tips from players and coaches

around the world trying to improve her

own game and hopefully yours as well

today she's back at her home course

Burwood Lakes in England with Simon

Holmes and working on her short game

right this I mean we've covered the

tricky little distance of 60 yards into

the green but we're a little bit closer

now we're 30 yards away what's the

difference with this shot okay well I

think as we walk up here I think what

you're trying to do is use your pitching

style more you know 30 yards I'd like to

be really precise with how I get the

ball to come in to again what club to

use it's not always just your sand wedge

sometimes you want that ball to come in

a bit lower and then release all right

so if we saw some Park ourselves right