BALL STRIKING SECRET FOR 9 IRON | How to hit a 9 iron pure on a par 3

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hey everybody Matthew cook here founder

and CEO of GTC Golf Academy and today

I'm gonna show you how to play a nine

iron on a par three and strike the ball

much more consistently and getting much

better outcome for the long-term so what

I often see is number one a strategy

issue people trying to go for the flag

all the time

fortunately this flag is bang Center in

the middle of the green like both front

to back and right to left so I'm going

to aim for the flag and then the next

thing is contact contact as an issue for

most golfers and what I see from working

with thousands of golfers given thousand

tens of thousands of golf lessons is

that contact is an issue because golfers

tend to stay back behind the ball in

order to lift the ball in the air they

think they've got to stare behind and