How To Always Win In 9 BALL POOL- One Shot Method [The Best Breaks Ever]

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thank you for all these lovely comments

I really appreciate that and that means

this I don't man I read these every day

you guys are just the best I'm gonna get

into the video otherwise I'm gonna take

like one hour just speaking about the

comments so the other day I made this

video showing you guys five golden

breaks but unfortunately I had to take

that video down due to a music copyright

claim no claim yeah I was about to say

strike but also I was not commentating

for that so you guys were saying like I

mean you're not understanding completely

you should tell us like in depth what I

should do so I was like okay I'm gonna

make another one you're just gonna win

the game right on the break let's go

alright guys so we are using a little

Patrick you now in this method you don't

have to change the position of the cue