Ryan Benzel: When to chip with your 60-degree wedge

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hey golf WRX this is Ryan benzoyl but

I'm it's a holly Country Club today I'm

going to talk to you about when it's a

good idea to use your 60-degree Club

when pitching or chipping around the

green for some of you your highest

lofted wedge maybe a 58 degree could be

a 62 or even a 64 degree wedge I use a

60-degree high toe wedge from

trailermate but we're going to talk

about how and when is this a good idea

to use this club there are three things

that can help you determine what type of

shot to hit and what club to use the

first item is what is the lie of your

golf ball so if you got some look at

these golf balls around here these first

two golf balls right here the ball is

sitting up on the grass in both of those

those are good lies I've got many

options and what I can do