Hitting fairway woods off the deck

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I hardly know anyone who thinks that

hitting fairway woods off the ground is

easy I don't even know if I've ever

heard anybody say my 3-wood off the

ground is my favorite club to hit they

can be difficult but in today's lesson

we're going to show you how to hit these

clubs with success for those of you that

have been struggling with hitting your

fairway woods off the deck I want you to

get a little bit more confident in

hitting down in fact I'd recommend you

just take some practice swings trying to

actually take a little bit of a divot

with your fairway wood many good players

do and the tendency for us with fairway

woods is to want to help the ball up and

as we do that we fall back and we can

hit behind them or we can top them so we

want to focus rather on hitting down and

moving through the ball now the setup is