How To Hit 3 Wood Off The Deck

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alright guys so 3-wood hitting off the

floor fairway wood hitting off the floor

a little tip while we're on some nice

grass here at the Reunion Resort in

Orlando it's pretty nice into it I

thought I just had the opportunity get

on some grass it's some three woods and

give you some advice about how you can

hear them better if you struggle with a

shot like this I think it's I would rank

it as one of the hardest shots in golf I

really would I think there's a very

small margin of error when hit the

3-wood off the floor don't believe it's

the easiest club to hit so I might I'm

going to give you some advice I really


but I tell you what it's not the easiest

club in the world TI I have them get a

little bit scared over it as well but an

arthritic still which is alright so I'll