How To Hit A 180 In Darts 🎯

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what's up guys I'm the dice referee and

this video I'm gonna be showing you guys

how to hit a 180 now for a lot of you if

you're starting to playing darts now and

you haven't hit 188 that you want to do

and it's knowing that you're struggling

to do probably so I only give you a few

tips on how to hit 180s and hopefully it

should help you out so the first thing

you want to do is you want to work out

exactly what sort of angle your darts

sit sit in the border

so for me my darts through the flattened

board and they land pretty upright so

for the mix hitting 180 if I throw my

first star on the top wire that leaves

me so much room for more 184 more treble

20s so I'm going to be throwing darts

straight down the second barrel and

probably like in there or something or

I'm going to be wanting to throw darts