Hips Dips Workout | 10 Min Side Booty Exercises 🍑 At Home Hourglass Challenge

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All right, today we are targeting the side of the booty and also the hip dips area.

It is totally normal to have hip dips, so don't ever feel bad about that,

but these exercises can help with those areas.

So this workout is part of my twenty five days hourglass program and you can find a full schedule on my website.

Being in isolation isn't the easiest but you're not alone guys.

I'm gonna be live-streaming twice a week on twitch and you can jump on my Discord to find workout buddies, and

Please share your progress on YouTube, Instagram or even TikTok. Let's do this all together,

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Alright, we've got 18 exercises 30 seconds on and 5 to 8 seconds off. Get on your mat, lying on your side,

We're starting with some leg raises.

If you've got a pair of resistance bands, you can use them and there's variations for every exercise. If you're a beginner,

it's totally fine to do the workout without one.

Now onto the other side; just slow and controlled, guys, make sure you're engaging your glute muscles.

Great work! Now lay flat on the mat and extend your legs sideways as far as you can, and bring them in for a tap.

Next, we're drawing little rainbows with your feet. Squeeze that booty, guys.

All right, let's get on all fours

and we're drawing a bigger rainbow one leg at a time, and try to engage your glutes while lifting your legs.

Now on to the other side. Make sure you're squeezing your glutes. Mind-muscle connection is really important.

All right, stay in the same position and we're going to do some angle fire hydrants

Lift your knee to the side, then come back down. then lift it slightly angled diagonally to hit the other part of your glutes.

Squeeze your glutes and feel that burn, and keep pushing, guys.