Episode 3 - Hip Thrust 101 - How To Set Up, Execute, and Master Even Without A Hip Thruster

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all right so the hip thrust one of the

best ways to grow and develop the glutes

far too often though people don't know

how to properly set it up if they don't

have a hip thruster like on a bench how

to set up the weights where to put the

barbell and also what cues you need to

be thinking them to maximally engage the

glutes and not feel it in your

hamstrings gonna cover that all stick

with us if you have a hip thrust story

in your gym great go ahead and use that

but for most of us commercial gyms we're

gonna have to get by with a typical

barbell and a bench so if you'll come

over here and look at this setup I have

this bench secured so if I push on it

when I'm doing my hip thrust here

there's no way this bench is gonna tip

over or slide if I didn't have these