How to rotate/hip roll for beginners!! //step-by-step method

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what's up guys so Alana guys and asked

me to do a um comic apart to to how to

borrow a ship roll like more with

beginners so after this long time I

decided to do for you guys since I like

GME messaging me comments in like hello

like so I'll find a different guys so

i'ma teach I must kind of go a little

more like step by step like so that

might better than the other video but

kind of give it more like make it easier

I was like oh so here we go so 22 no

patch of legs apart not too far you want

to be like dude it is like enough to let

you guys can see my feet is terribly

okay anyways please you know what I'm

doing so um like that so basically okay

so if you want so first we're gonna

start with this motion just the side

side so okay so it's kind of like a

you're popping mini you know kind of