Learn Hip Hop Dance: The Two Step

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we're going to learn in hip-hop dance

how many different ways you can two-step

all right there's not just one two-step

if you feel more comfortable when you go

out and dance just doing a two-step

rather than getting all crazy like the

rest of us do look I'm here to help you

I'm here to give you an arsenal of two

steps all right because they are out

there they do exist so let's get going

starting with our basic and we're going

to build I'm gonna give you a few two

steps to get yourself going all right so

your first one

real simple is just here and here

alright just the one you're probably

doing all the time add a nice little

head Bob to it little fingers snap maybe

even you do a little twist with it like

this alright now then you can do your

double two-step which it goes like one