20-Minute Hip-Hop Dance Class | LEARN A DANCE WITH ME!

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hey YouTube welcome back to my YouTube

channel it's lucyfink give this video a

thumbs up if you're excited to watch us

dance and also comment below and let me

know what else you want to see on this

channel I'm here with Sarah Burke from

obey Fitness and she's gonna teach me

and you a dance right now right here yes

that's right you guys so I'm gonna break

down the choreography eight by eight

step by step and if at any point you

feel like you're removing just a little

too fast no worries just rewind the

video until you feel comfortable feel

free to use us as your mirror yeah so if

I say right hand it's going to be your

right hand and left is their left which

is all right so yeah the beauty of

YouTube here is that you can just stop

this video over one re-watch it 150 000